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  • 主演:内详
  • 年代:2021
  • 地区:大陆

简介:2020年,当世界还处于障碍状态,此时的中国,武汉街头曾经恢复了昔日活力。南京马拉松加入人数:1万人;火爆的直播带货,线上购物;万人的武汉工场,零人感染,产值翻倍;这些中国企业,如安在严酷防疫的同时,做到逆势爆发?日本纪录片导演竹内亮,走近中国的后疫情时代。 Japanese documentary director Takeuchi Ryo recently got an email from his Japanese friend, asking about why there hasn’t been a second wave of pandemic in China. As a Japanese living in China, he realized, not only China has gotten the pandemic under control, its economy is recovering at a rapid speed. Why is China able to achieve this during the post-pandemic era? He began his search by visiting enterprises and industries that have achieved positive economic growth after the pandemic.

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